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Security Assessment

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Security Assessment

The crime landscape in New Zealand has changed and continues to change and evolve due to a number of factors including societal, economic, emboldened criminal behaviour, coupled with the obvious effects of our pro-longed Covid-19 environment and decreasing immunity from acts of Extremism and Terrorism.

Dishonesty offences, Violence offences and Property offences are all on the rise in particular Armed Robbery, Robbery, Burglary, Aggravated Burglary, (Smash and Grab Ram Raids) and Assaults.

Strategic Security Group can offer comprehensive residential and commercial security assessment reports providing detailed recommendations for security enhancements, security hardening, security upgrades or considerations for standard operating procedures.

Security Hardening

Our reports are compiled after completing a site survey inspecting your existing physical and electronic security template in consideration with any emerging threat or risk identified as potentially affecting your residence, business, staff or organization.

Our security assessments and security hardening solutions are based on solid security best practice aligned with our vast security knowledge and professional experience.

Our experience includes operating in national organized crime environments and in off-shore hostile environments.

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