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Alarm Systems

Securing your Home or Business with Alarm Systems by Ajax, Bosch & Paradox.

Ajax PIR

Ajax Alarm Systems

Where security meets style, Ajax is Europes most awarded wireless security manufacturer. From its style to state of the art wireless technology, this system is a generation ahead of anything else.

Bosch Alarms

Bosch has been a trusted German hardware manufacturer since 1886. They offer a premium product precisely engineered. Like most German brands, style is an important aspect and Bosch alarm systems make no exception with various aesthetic choices for wireless / pet sensors, keypads and sirens to keep the burglars at bay.

The new generation alarm systems offer all the technology at your fingertips with smartphone apps, remotes, wireless sensors easy monitoring integration.


Paradox Alarms

Paradox offers the latest alarm system technology and innovation specifically designed for your convenience without compromising your security. Paradox alarm systems have been designed to grow as your home or business grows with modular scalable systems easily expanded to meet your changing security needs.

Paradox offers both solid reliability along with seamless integration.

Photo-Electric Smoke Detectors

If you aren’t protected against a Burglary, you risk your valuables. If you aren’t protected against Fire, you risk everything.

We have a range of Photo-electric Smoke Detectors and rate of rise Heat Detectors that can be connected to your existing or newly installed security system. Never rely on changing or faulty batteries again. 

Alarm Systems

Access Control / Commercial Alarms

Access control that integrates with commercial alarm & CCTV security.

These systems are designed to offer a high level of access security, with many benefits like revoking access, restricting access, granting access, monitoring employee movements and obviously stopping intruders. 

Supply & install for integrated:

  • Inner Range Integriti
  • Inner Range Inception
  • ICT Protege