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On Site Alarm Repairs & Upgrades From $199 | New Bosch or Paradox Alarm Systems Installed From $895 

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Alarm Systems

Alarm security to protect your home or office by Bosch and Paradox

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Hikvision IP based CCTV security systems are the best in market.

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Back to base alarm monitoring for your home, office or warehouse via phone or Fibre line.

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iPhone or Android smartphone apps that control your Alarm or CCTV surveillance systems.

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The Latest Security Technology From Trusted & Reliable Brands Like Paradox, Bosch & HikVision

Strategic Security Group

EST 1990

Armed Alarms is a specialist residential alarm company in Auckland and focuses on Bosch, Paradox & Micron systems.

EST 1996

Eagle Alarms offers a similar residential security service, but focuses on Northern Auckland up to Orewa / Hibiscus Coast.

EST 2001

Alarm Repairs Auckland, unsurprisingly, specialises in repairs & service for all alarm brands in greater Auckland.

EST 1984

Electro-Guard installs residential and commercial alarm systems, access control systems and cctv systems across Auckland.


  • The cost to have an alarm system installed mainly depends on the number of sensors required to protect your property. The main alarm control panel is the same for all our systems (i.e. They all have the same features), however, the size of the control panel can vary. The smallest panel can accommodate 4 sensors and the largest 16 sensors. Accessories such as remote kits, night arming stations, extra sirens, and extra keypads can also increase the cost of the alarm system. Our starter burglar alarm packages start from $799.

  • Yes your existing alarm system can be upgraded. In most cases we can use the existing cabling and often the exiting PIR detectors and sirens. Costs vary depending on the type and size of system you choose.

  • We install industry leading and trusted Bosch and Paradox brand alarm systems. These systems offer outstanding reliability and functionality.

  • There are many benefits to having your alarm monitored – our monitoring centre can immediately respond to any security events when you can’t. We monitor all alarm sets, un-sets, burglary and fire activations, vital periodic test signals and all trouble conditions. Our costs are between $29 and $39.00 per month. Contact us to find out more.

  • Yes, we run an active database which allows us to contact you on the anniversary of your alarm installation to offer you our annual security alarm maintenance service. If there is any issue, it is generally carried out under warranty.

    1. Have someone check on your house while you are on holiday.
    2. Regularly check alarms systems especially for lightning damage.
    3. Don’t be predictable, make sure that if someone is watching your house that they don’t know when you will be home.
    4. Make it look like someone is home by leaving a lamp or radio on.
    5. Build a relationship with your neighbours and look out for each other.
    6. Gravel driveways are a great deterrent because of the noise they make underfoot or when driven on.
    7. Don’t leave easily removable desirable items on show.
    8. Don’t provide easy access to your property.
    9. Make sure ladders and other implements that could aid a burglar are locked away.
    10. Be careful how you use Facebook and other social media – don’t advertise that you are going to be away.

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