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Ajax Wireless Alarm Systems

Security for the modern home & office

Full Control On Your Mobile or Tablet Device

The Ajax app turns your security system into one easy-to-manage device. Arm Ajax with a few taps. Switch on appliances before you get home. Get instant notifications through SwiftAlerts, a protocol that even modern messengers should envy.


MotionCam is designed to control your security, not your personal life. As soon as any intrusion is detected, a burst of photos displaying the intruder is sent to your Ajax App from the Ajax MotionCam PIR detector(s).

Mobile Panic

Every person connected to your Ajax Alarm ‘Hub’ has a virtual ‘Panic Button’ on their Ajax App. When pressed it will immediately alert every other person connected to your Hub in real time of a ‘panic’ situation, advising who activated it, when and where. All users will receive the notification and a Google Maps pin drop identifying where the panic button was pressed.
Ajax PIR

Motion Detectors

All Ajax PIR detectors are pet friendly ignoring animals up to 20Kg in weight and 50cm in height.

Ajax outdoor PIR detectors can provide your property with an extra discreet layer of protection for an early detection of unwanted intruders. The PIR detector will ignore pets up to 20Kg in weight and 50cm in height and has built in anti-tamper and anti-masking features.

Pair With CCTV

Pair your camera system to the Ajax mobile app to view a live feed direct on your Android or iOS device.

Pair Sensors

The Hub supports up to 100 detectors and devices including indoor and outdoor PIR motion detectors, Window and Door sensors, Photo-electric Smoke detectors, Glass Break detectors, Touch-pads, key Fob remotes and Flood detectors while managing 50 alarm users. The Hub can easily be programmed for partial night arming or separate arming of up to 9 fully individual alarm areas (partitions).

Smoke & Leak Detectors

Our Smoke detectors are photo-electric and have built in rate of rise heat sensors to provide an earlier warning of fire.

The Leak & Flood devices detect first signs of flooding as soon as water gets on one of the four pairs of contacts on the bottom of the detector and will send push notifications to all other alarm users warning of water detection.


Integrate With Monitoring

We can have your home, office  or business Ajax alarm monitored 24/7 with the tap of a button. Secure, fast internet protocol IP monitoring backed up with GSM via the Vodafone cell phone network. We offer ‘no fixed term contract’ monitoring from $29.00 plus gst per month. You can decide if you want a guard response or non-guard response, the choice is yours.

Ajax is the most internationally awarded and trusted wireless alarm system used in 70 Countries across Europe the UK, USA, South Africa and now New Zealand
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