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CCTV Cameras

Surveillance & weapon detection cameras for your home, business or high value site

Securing People & Assets For Local Auckland Businesses Since 1995


CCTV IP Cameras

High definition imagery with power over ethernet, audio and smart recognition features including face & license plate.

All cameras are equipped with infrared to record in dark and low light situations.


Remote Live View & Playback

Log in to the smart app and view the cameras in real time or retrieve playback. The Hikvision App is IOS, Android, PC & Mac compatible, anywhere you have the internet you have live access to your cameras.

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

NVR’s use Power over Ethernet (PoE) protocols to operate the IP Cameras connected to the system. Most commercial installations start with a 4 or 8 channel NVR meaning 4 or 8 IP cameras. Storage options range from SSD & hard drive from 500gb up to 10TB. 

Live view and playback is accessible from any smartphone or PC / Mac.


AI Weapon Detection

The AI constantly analyses your IP camera feeds for intruders, guns or weapons  sending immediate critical alerts and images to first responders all without the offender knowing the system has been triggered.

  • Pay per camera per month
  • No minimum cameras
  • All major brand IP CCTV systems
  • VMS or stand-alone

AI Gun Detection

Offering the latest USA developed cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to protect your people, organisation or business.

This AI is the pioneer in crime prevention strategies against Burglary, Intruders, or Armed Robbery using our AI integration and your existing IP CCTV system.


Parking / Traffic Cameras

Specialist cameras that are designed for obtaining vehicle registration plate numbers.

Hikvision Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) IP cameras counteract all lighting (headlight, full beam, brake light) interferences and capture license plates no matter what light is present.

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