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Internet Protocol (IP) based cameras offer the latest technology with super high definition.

The solution is without a doubt in megapixel IP technology. Today’s modern network IP surveillance systems provide high quality large images recording and displaying excellent detail in both live and recorded video footage plus built-in smart features including human face and licence plate recognition.

It’s not always just a case of ‘point and shoot’, there is a right and wrong camera for each situation. Most IP cameras now come with on-board Infra-red lighting enabling the camera to operate effectively capturing critical video footage in low light or complete darkness.

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Remote Live View

HiK-connect App for Phone / PC / Mac

Remote live view is achieved via the Hikvision Hik-connect smart App. Any number of authorised users can log into the smart App and view the cameras live in real time. The Hikvision App is IOS, Android & computer browser friendly and can be loaded onto Iphones, Ipads, Tablets, PC’s e.t.c. View your property from here, there or anywhere – providing you have internet  on your device.


We supply and install HikVision Network Video Recorders (NVR)

The NVRs are IP based and run on a Linux operating system with onboard expandable Hard Drive storage normally starting with 3terra byte. A typical residential installation with this size hard drive and 3 or 4 cameras connected would provide 3 – 4 weeks of historic video footage. Extra Hard drive storage can be easily added if required.

NVR’s use Power over Ethernet (PoE) protocols to operate the IP Cameras connected to the system. Most residential installations only require either a 4 channel or 8 channel NVR meaning a maximum of either 4 IP cameras or 8 IP cameras can be connected.

All cameras can be set to record on movement only which ensures valuable hard drive storage does not get wasted before re-writing over itself.


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