Commercial Alarms

Leading edge security and reliability by Bosch and Paradox

Both Bosch and Paradox security systems offer internet (IP) smartphone apps, placing you firmly in control with the touch of a single button.

Protecting your Business, Assets and People

We recommend and install industry trusted Bosch and Paradox security systems providing you with proven and reliable intrusion detection, smoke and heat detection, electronic access control or a combination of all.

 These new generation Bosch and Paradox systems offer high levels of security, reliability, functionality and scalability with their modular design ranging in size from 8 to 192 zones. These systems are designed to allow for a wide range of hardwired or wireless sensors and detectors which can be added at any later stage.  Our Bosch and Paradox detection devices can listen for the sound of smashing glass, sense high impact vibrations, intruder movement or the presence of smoke, heat or flames.

access control

Large Site / Access Control

We install Inner Range Concept 4000 expandable modular systems which allows for seamless integration of Intrusion Detection with Access Control for hundreds of end users. These systems are designed to offer you a high level of security and future proofing with the added protection of restricting and monitoring access throughout your premises with integrated intelligent electronic access control.


Photo Electric- Smoke Detectors

If you aren’t protected against a Burglary, you risk your valuables. If you aren’t protected against Fire, you risk everything.

We have a range of Photo-electric Smoke Detectors and rate of rise Heat Detectors that can be connected to your existing or newly installed security system. Never rely on changing or faulty batteries again.


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