Athena – Safety Offerings – Slip/Fall Detection

Slip/Fall Detection

Get alerted if someone slips and
falls and proactively take appropriate safety

Athena’s Slip and Fall Detection Solution Includes:


Automatically detect if someone slips and falls within your location


Automatically detect if someone slips and falls within your location


Proactively manage slip and fall accidents in real-time

Athena’s Next Generation system can
detect, help prevent and report
accidents in real-time.

Athena helps schools, corporations, retail organizations, industrial companies and other industries put workplace safety measures in place to help prevent threats and make their environments more secure and safe.

How It Works


Deploy Athena

Once deployed, Athena is always watching over you, helping to detect accidents. Our system recognizes slips, falls and other accidents in real time.


Threat Detected

Once an accident is detected, Athena sends a real-time video feed to your security staff, administrator or whomever you designate. At the same time, Athena alerts the victim that help is on the way.


Configurate Athena

If configured to do so, Athena will then call the EMTs or other rescue personnel and send them a video feed (through the e911 lines) and other pertinent information they’ll need to help identify the nature of the accident and more efficiently respond to the needs of the injured.


Watch Guard

Athena acts as your virtual WatchGuard, watching many cameras at once and alerting the appropriate parties when a crime is about to be committed.