Home Alarm Systems

We recommend and install Paradox, Bosch and Micron brand alarm systems providing you with immediate security, protection and peace of mind.

Each of these systems will provide you with security, reliability and a range of end user functions designed to fit around your security requirements and life style.

We can install and program your system to cater for everything from your most basic security needs to meeting all of your automated lifestyle needs with end user ‘Apps’ to control your alarm status, gate or garage doors by selecting a simple Icon from your smart phone.

A hardwired system will be installed when the dwelling has accessible space in the ceiling cavity or underneath the floor to allow us to run cables from the alarm controller to each sensor, keypad and siren.

Wireless Alarms

A wireless or combination of hardwired and wireless when the dwelling has no accessible space in the ceiling cavity or underneath the floor. In this case many of the alarm components including keypads, sensors and sirens can be connected to the alarm controller via low power radio frequency (RF). Modern day wireless systems are very reliable and very effective. The alarm controller is connected to 24/7 mains power and has its own battery backup.

Pet Friendly

No problem, we offer a range of specifically designed dedicated pet friendly sensors to cater for your pets whilst still protecting your home.

High Level Security

Our detection devices can listen for the sound of smashing glass, sense high impact vibrations, intruder movement or the presence of smoke, heat or flames.

Perimeter security is often overlooked by many security companies but can play an important part in the earlier detection of an intruder. We can install a number of proven detection devices and methods to reliably provide this early detection and warning.

Home Alarms